INEX 2010 Interactive Track (iTrack)


The main motivation for the INEX iTrack is twofold. First, to investigate the behaviour of users when interacting with elements in richly structured XML documents, and secondly to investigate and develop approaches to element retrieval which are effective in user-based environments.

The INEX interactive track has been run from 2004 onwards. Although there has been variations in task content and focus, some fundamental premises has been in force throughout: This has ensured that through a manageable effort, participant institutions have had access to a rich and comparable set of data on user background and user behaviour, of sufficient size and level of detail to allow both qualitative and quantitative analysis. This material has already been the source of a number of papers and conference presentations.

In 2010 we intend to continue experiments on the 2009 data collection, a crawl of 2 million records from the book database of the online bookseller, consolidated with corresponding bibliographic records from the cooperative book cataloguing tool LibraryThing. The records present book descriptions on a number of levels: formalized author, title and publisher data; subject descriptions and user tags; book cover images; full text reviews and content descriptions. The data base will enable investigation of research questions concerning, for instance Participants are invited to design their own investigations, under certain restrictions which will be agreed on, such as:


iTrack 2009 Website
iTrack 2010 Website


June 2010Development of the format of the track, including search themes and topics, user questionnaires etc.
Late Aug 2010System and experimental design for the Interactive track made available.
Aug-Oct 2010Search experiments.
15 Oct 2010Submission deadline for shareable Interactive Track results from participants.
15 Nov 2010Release of Interactive Track data to participants.

Please notify us of your interest in participating in the track through e-mail to Ragnar Nordlie

Track organizers

Ragnar Nordlie
Nils Pharo
Norbert Fuhr
Thomas Beckers
Khairun Nisa Fachry